Worship ministry for November.

Looking ahead: Sunday Lectionary Readings for November 29th.

Other Weekly Activities

Sunday - 7:00 PM - Deacon's Bible Study - at the Mills' home

Tuesday - 11:00 AM - Adult Class in the Admin Bldg. "The Hole in Our Gospel"

Wednesday - 6:30 PM - EYC Youth Ministry in the Parish Hall Youth Room

Wednesday - 7:00 PM - Choir Practice in the Admin Bldg.

 The Message of Advent 

The word advent means coming. During the season of the Church year called Advent, we prepare both for the coming of Jesus as a babe in Bethlehem and his coming in great glory at the end of all time. Advent also keeps before us the coming of Jesus here and now in word and sacrament. Jesus’ coming in human form fulfills both the words of Israel’s prophets and the events in Israel’s history that speak of God’s saving grace. Thus, the Church has appointed scriptures for Advent that tell of God’s promises to the people of Israel, especially the promise of the coming of the Messiah. Every covenant and prophecy — from the exodus to the foretelling of the nation’s return to Jerusalem—recalls the promise of union with God. In Jesus, the promise is fulfilled. During Advent, we remember and honor those who  prepared the way for Jesus: John the Baptist, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph and others. We hear the stories of preparation, and we sing carols of expectation. So now we watch and wait. We watch and wait as the days of Advent run into Christmas. We watch and wait as the Church prepares place and song and heart for the infant Savior. We watch and wait for his bread to feed us, in scripture and Eucharist. We watch and wait for the One who comes to fill all things, to make the whole creation new.

Service Times 

Sunday Worship

7:00a.m. Morning Prayer

8:00a.m. Rite I

9:15a.m. Sunday School

10:30a.m. Rite II

6:00p.m. Evening Prayer

Weekday Services

8:30a.m. Morning Prayer

6:00p.m. Evening Prayer

Healing Service

6:00p.m. Wednesday

Saturday Services

8:30a.m. Morning Prayer

6:00p.m. Evening Prayer

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